Hosting / Software as a Service

Do you run your own nuclear power plant just because you need some electricity to keep the office lights working?


How about your own data center just because you need a software to run your business? Oh you do? How much value is added to your core business by keeping up with technology changes, upgrading and patching servers, buying, leasing, renting hardware, worrying about security, fire extinguishers, redundant power supplies, electricity, cooling, more electricity (sure you don’t have a power plant somewhere…?), firewalls, backups, disaster recovery, and so on, and so on? Not much? Then why are you doing it?


Have you ever thought about leaving all of that unpleasant stuff to someone else and just enjoying the benefits of using software as a service (SaaS), just like the electricity coming from a wall plug?


Instead of putting a price tag on all of the activities involved in running a data center mentioned above (plus all of those we didn’t mention) and putting a lot of assets onto your balance sheet, you could switch to a pay per use model, just like you do with your electricity. And we will take care of all of those unpleasant things.



Your data is safe in our data centers. You may call us paranoid, and what is done all over the place with private data in social networks is none of our business. However, when we are entrusted with the data and knowledge about the business processes of our customers, we will do everything within our power to protect that information and make sure that it will only be used as intended.


Handpicked employees that are sworn in to strict German data protection rules, ISO27001 certification of our data centers, SSL, VPN – we really do not want to be that company with the hacking scandal that you read about on page one of the newspaper.


Availability and Performance

Whether your data lies only on dedicated servers or can also be stored in a cloud is determined by you. The availability requirements for your systems as well. The access points and all other components are designed in a way that in your work you will not feel any difference to software installed within your company.


It works for our customers across Europe. Don’t you want to try it as well? Not many people run their own power plants any more, either…


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