Of course you can continue to work with data that's full of mistakes

…but do you know the cost of your incorrect data? Inconsistent or incorrect master data is one of the main cost drivers in the whole supply chain. Problems resulting from mistakes during master data entry range from redundant delivery of marketing material to logistics problems and meaningless reporting.


Consistent master data is the basis for efficient business processes. Standardized transactional data the basis for meaningful business intelligence - standardized in terms of units of measure, time scales, languages, company standards. Systrion can help you clean, consolidate and/or evaluate huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Regardless of whether your system is named „SAP“ or not.


We can also support you in setting up reliable data processes - for master data management as well as for reporting, in individual business units or companywide, locally or globally. The experience from several years in data management projects was integrated in our toolsets FuzziT® and synfoxx®/p. In order to make your projects successful. Fast.

Data Cleansing

The human brain is surprisingly good at completing imperfect, slightly deviating or inaccurate information to familiar patterns and then recognizing it. “Thomas Smith, living in ABC-Street” and “Tohmas Smth, living in ACB Street” will quickly be identified as probably equal with some slight typing mistakes. Most computer programs, however, will identify these two gentlemen as two completely different persons, living in two different locations.

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Data Transfer

A smooth data transfer is almost as important and self-evident for the operation of modern companies as the reliable supply of water. And even though that is true, there continue to be problems at the interfaces between companies or systems. Just as if the water would be filled into big buckets at the public services company, put on trucks, be delivered to the company gates and then be poured into the local water pipes.

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Data Matching

Your master data is clean (if not, → Data Cleansing). The quality of the master data during creation is also assured (otherwise → Data Management with synfoxx®/p).


Now you want to (or have to) compare data from different sources, correlate, mix or combine it in every which way. Reasons for this abound, a couple that we keep seeing at our customers we would like to describe in a little more detail.

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