Data Management with synfoxx®/p

In big companies, the creation of master data is a complex process with a lot of stake holders involved. Marketing, manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics, sales and controlling – all of these divisions and often many more have to provide information or ensure the adherence to standards and policies.


Flaws in the creation of master data can lead to problems in production, logistics or sales, with related high costs. Thoroughness and accurate work are thus important on every stage of the creation process. On the other hand, time is often short – “time to market” is supposed to be as short as possible. Market share is at stake, should the competition launch a similar product first.


Email and Excel – the wondrous Reproduction of the Product Master

What is the process like in your company? In a lot of companies, there is a central data sheet with all relevant information regarding a new product, the so called “product master”. This file, often created in Excel, contains all questions to be answered, subdivided by departments. Since the departments of big companies may be widely distributed geographically, the master is often sent around via email with the request to please complete the relevant sections. Because not all entries have to be effected in a certain order, and to save some time, occasionally copies of the master are sent out, before the actual master is back with the amendments. In large enterprises typically to large distribution lists…


You divine (or know from personal experience) what happens? The master reproduces almost at the speed of light, even though per definition it should actually be (and remain) unique. Every now and then an attentive colleague in one of the departments involved notices a missing field or a question not correctly formulated. The file is corrected accordingly.


The results of this process are: Repeated inquiries, delayed handling, frustrated persons in charge of master data who have to painstakingly try to consolidate all those spawned masters. Since marketing and sales are pushing hard, the product is launched nevertheless, even though questions remain open and important information is not available.


The Solution – Master Data Workflow from Systrion

With synfoxx®/p, Systrion has developed a system that solves the described challenges, and which is in use at a globally active consumer products company. A freely configurable workflow engine lets the customer decide, whether tasks are supposed to be processed sequentially or in parallel, and which tasks depend on others.


Since the system is based on a central database with clearly defined access rights, there is indeed only one master. With the aid of also freely configurable data checks the data quality can be validated at any time. Screens that are individually customized for the functional departments involved, offer them a quick overview of the relevant data and the required next steps.


A central reporting gives the person in charge an exact overview over the status of all workflows and the quality of the master data (e.g. in percentage of data checks passed).


Is it good value for money?

Unilever DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) raised the quality of its master data from < 50% to > 99,2%, i.e. efforts and redundancies due to defects in the whole supply chain were almost halved (according to an article from the journal "Lebensmittel Zeitung", issue 47/13). What would you save?

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